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Builders of the Adytum
Equinox Message
March 2021 

When does the year begin? Depending on culture, tradition, and customs, there are many points in time to start the year. If we look at nature, we find a universal perspective in the solar year. The equinoxes are days of perfect equilibrium when daytime and night-time are of equal duration. Therefore, they are the beginning of the astronomical seasons.
According to some traditions, the equinox in September symbolizes the beginning of creation. And just as in the biblical account of creation the 24-hour day begins in the evening, so it can be said that the year in the northern hemisphere begins with the equinox in September. In the time until the next equinox in spring, everything is prepared that is then to take shape. In the southern hemisphere, it is the other way round, and so the two hemispheres of the earth complement each other.
As September becomes the month of commemoration of the creation of mankind, so according to these traditions, March is the month of redemption. The equilibrium of the equinox of March shows us that, when we turn to the Light, we are led to our destiny: to become free from the chains of bondage, to be renewed to a higher existence after a path of suffering and sacrifice.
The beginning of a new period causes us to examine everything that has been important to us. In particular, the pandemic that came upon us all unexpectedly brought many beliefs to the test. Once again, the apocalyptic horsemen have come into our world, as the book with the seven seals has been opened. In particular, the fourth horseman on the pale horse brought fear, disease, decline, and death. The pandemic stripped away firmly held opinions and attitudes. Structures that were considered secure and indispensable proved useless. The question for us is: what do we want to leave behind us, what do we want to keep, and which new ideas do we need for the future?
These questions prove that we are standing on the threshold of a new era, which we call the Age of Aquarius. This perspective is consoling and strengthening. The book of Revelation shows us not only the apocalyptic horsemen but also, in the 19th chapter, a knight of peace who unwaveringly follows his path. He is a just knight and a fighter, worthy of his name "Faithful and True". He leads us to the Sanctum, where we find inspiration and the principles we need to build the future, as well as courage and confidence to realize it.
Let us build together a world where freedom, justice, reason, and love reign.
Fraternally in L.V.X.,
The Builders of the Adytum


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