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The Balancing of Opposites

 The word equinox comes from the Latin aequinoctium, equal nights, and by its name indicates the equilibrium of the pair of opposites: night and day. To be in equilibrium always means a moment of quietness in which the opposites are balanced, so we perceive that equilibrium as calmness, as peace. Certainly, whenever one of the pair of opposites prevails, even a little, movements occurs, and therefore changes, an unavoidable feature of manifestation. In movement, during change, we become more aware of the opposites, while in the moment of quietness, of balance, is when a new direction can be given to movement.

According to the Biblical allegory, ever since humanity ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, it was expelled from the Paradise of unity –a unity not yet self-conscious– towards the experience of the pairs of opposites: life and death, above and below, white and black, light and darkness… which we have labeled as good or evil, according to diverse criteria, which are defined according to the purpose intended by whomever is making the labeling: what is good for a purpose can be completely evil for another one.

We know that the higher purpose is to develop consciousness to the point that we can consciously return to unity. However there are purposes which defined from the consciousness of separation, undoubtedly cause many of the sufferings we experience in this world. Sooner or later these sufferings serve the higher purpose of increasing consciousness. Meanwhile we suffer with all humanity.

It is quite obvious that the opposites are indispensable for manifestation and for us to experience it. As an example, a painter, in all his/her mastery, would have a hard time making a masterpiece on a white canvass using only white paint.

When we experience the appearances of suffering and pain in the world, or when we are overwhelmed by our emotions, let us remember that the opposites are poles of one thing and their union –represented by the Hermit lantern– generates the light of self-consciousness and brings us to a balanced state from which to redirect us to a movement in the opposite direction. Thus we experience a greater state of peace and contribute to the increase peace in the world.

During this equinox, in this moment of quietness toward a new movement, let us concentrate our consciousness in what we wish for, and review our purposes to make sure they are attuned to the higher purpose of the expansion of the Light.


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