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Equinox Message September, 2017



The news of the day is terrifying when we concentrate on the appearances of what is being reported. There are two spontaneous reactions to shocking news: one of fear and the other of blaming specific personalities, such as politicians, terrorists, or crime cartels, for all that seems evil and hostile in our world. Both reactions are warnings that we are not concentrating our minds as we should. We are focusing on the illusion of separation and submitting to the hypnotic allure of the negative.


We need to remember that every hateful word, thought, or action expressed by anyone is part of us. Every being on earth is part of our true Self. So anyone expressing what we consciously disagree with, and any awful thing being expressed, is connected to us, is part of us. Condemning, blaming, criticizing, or hating others, and generally focusing on the things we do not like, only increase the very expressions we want to see eliminated.


Fear, in this context, is based on our notion that we are separated both from the cause of the problem and from the possibility of its solution, which in our state of fear, seems out of our reach. We feel powerless and subject to the actions of others.


Undoubtedly, there are personalities expressing all kinds of terrible ideas, hateful emotions, and frightful deeds. However, we must never lose sight of the fact that they are only channels expressing those patterns that we have all created and which we share in our collective consciousness.


What can we do? Well, we can remember that, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”1. We have been given the spirit and the faculties to overcome what we, through our personalities, have created.


We have been given minds to apply actively. We are the Magicians of our lives. First, we need to recognize in ourselves those same forces we do not want to see manifested in our world. Second, we need to be vigilant that none of the destructive forces be allowed to express through us. Then we can set aside our personalities and recognize when we are giving expression to such forces, and curtail them. This should keep us busy!


However, it is even more important to concentrate our minds on the opposites, on the positive forces we want to see expressed in our world: the forces of compassion, of love, and of understanding. We can replace contention with collaboration, negative reflexes with constructive initiatives. We can create new images aligned with the principles of brotherhood, instead of feeding ancient patterns of distrust and conflict.


By fixing our minds on the thought that we are channels for the expression of the Higher, and by holding to the image of being one with the Magician, we can serve the One Life to bring the Highest Good into manifestation.


In L.V.X.
The Stewards of Builders of the Adytum


B.O.T.A. 19 Av Italie, 75013 PARIS, FRANCE