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EQUINOX MESSAGE  September 2018

Euinox Message

Vision of an Ideal World
September, 2018

In the first lesson of our Tarot Fundamentals course, we are asked to consider our reasons for taking up the work of
B.O.T.A. It is explained that the primary goal of our Order, and others like it, is to promote the welfare of humanity. We
are given an outline of a seven-pointed program directed toward this end:

1. Universal Peace, 2. Universal Political Freedom, 3. Universal Religious Freedom, 4. Universal Education, 5.
Universal Health, 6. Universal Prosperity, and 7. Universal Spiritual Unfoldment.

In our Seven Steps in Practical Occultism course, we are taught the importance and the efficacy of a clear mental image
in achieving our goals. Imagine the powerful creative forces set into motion if we, as Builders, devoted just a small
portion of our efforts to elaborating these seven points into a specific mental image!!

1. Universal Peace

A world in which everyone understands the necessity and practicality of living in peace and harmony with one
another in order to achieve the greatest opportunity for the personal fulfillment and well-being of all.

2. Universal Political Freedom

A world in which all political perspectives and viewpoints are respected and recognized as important, in that
they stimulate constant change and transformation toward new ideas and trends for the benefit of the whole
human race.

3. Universal Religious Freedom

A world in which all religions embrace the principle of unity between all peoples and guide them in the
evolutionary process of spiritual awakening.

4. Universal Education

A world in which education is focused on developing the fullest potential of every citizen of the world by
providing an environment where each individual can develop the values and skills that promote their well-being
and fulfillment so they can be a constructive contributor to the Whole.

5. Universal Health

A world in which the mental and physical health of every citizen is considered the primary foundation upon
which all aspects of human society are built.

6. Universal Prosperity

A world in which every citizen has access to the education, training, and support needed to understand and
apply the creative principles of human consciousness and thus enable each individual to bring forth into
manifestation what is needed to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

7. Universal Spiritual Unfoldment

A world in which centers of spiritual instruction and training are provided so that those who are ready to embark
on the Spiritual Path of Return can participate in the instruction and training that will enable them to make
meaningful progress on this journey.

Imagine such a world! But let us not just imagine; let us build these images into our thinking, our feeling, and into our
very lives, for we are the builders of our future…now.

Fraternally in L.V.X.,
The Builders of the Adytum


B.O.T.A. 19 Av Italie, 75013 PARIS, FRANCE