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Equinox Message – September 2015


PLUTO FLY BY: What does it mean?

One of the most important principles behind the teachings of Qabalah is that our solar system is One Being and encompasses everything that resides within it as an aspect of its Unity. It is the direct experience of this Unity that is the beginning of the liberation of our limited Consciousness. Our solar system correlates to our physical body. The planets that revolve around the sun within our solar system are the organs of our solar system and affect us individually and as a group. They correlate with the seven interior chakras of our physical bodies.

The Consciousness of mankind has evolved another big step and this is reflected by the fly-by close up from the spacecraft, New Horizons, of Pluto. Pluto is the 20th Tarot Key, Judgement. This key shows grey figures emerging from open coffins. The Pluto vibration is aligned with the symbolism of complete liberation from the mass mind sub consciousness. It expresses an intense force which helps us to destroy the coffins of error that hold us in bondage. Key 20 is associated with the perpetual intelligence, implying a perpetual recognition of the power of spirit. When this force becomes more fully expressed, man will be able to renew and perpetuate his mind and body.

In the Atlantean time period, or the Fourth Root Race, humanity had certain powers and capacities that are now latent in most human beings. In the path of Shin the three figures are emerging from the coffins from a seemingly dead state which represents the resurrection of these ancient powers. What is resurrecting them is represented by the seven basic sounds which correlate with the seven Inner Holy Planets.

Although the powers related to Shin are being resurrected, their expression in relation to our current time period brings them forth in an entirely new situation so that they will be utilized in a completely different manner. The “rising again” of these powers is brought about in a manner that is in full harmony with the mental capacities and developments of the Aquarian Age.

The message from Pluto, Key 20 is if we hang on to that which was, we are fighting the whole spirit of evolution and the spirit of brotherhood. The conventional, the traditional, the classical all have their place because there are certain ideas, certain traditions that have beauty and value and are worth keeping. But those things that are worth keeping will not stifle progress. They will not include the ideas that keep today the way it was yesterday and that keep us from developing broader vistas that regard the welfare of others. Humanity at this time has not evolved enough to live in a true spiritual social order, but there are many individuals who are ready and willing to do so.

We have the power and responsibility to transmute all of the challenges we personally experience into changes for personal growth. This process contributes to the evolution of Consciousness which is reflected by our close up experiences with all of the planets in our solar system. Now we know there is no end to the targets that we can see and explore in our universe both inner and outer and we are just beginning this exploration which reflects another leap in the Consciousness of Humanity. In addition to being a great privilege, this is an exciting time to be alive.

May the blessings of mighty Gabriel be extended upon you in L.V.X.

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