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The Magician’s Work in a Time of Turmoil

As we again approach this brief period of balance between the light and the darkness let us take time to deeply ponder the significance of the increasingly contentious struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness we are witnessing on the present world stage, and consider the tremendous importance of the work we do as Builders.


As the Sun enters the astrological sign Aries and initiates a new cycle of activity, we can see the gathering intensity of the forces for change and transformation.  Aries is ruled by Mars (Key 16), which shows the tower being destroyed by a flash of lightning from the Sun. 


Although the Mars influence in Aries can at times appear destructive, this very destruction can aptly serve the Forces of Light.  The exaltation of the Sun in this sign intimates that the qualities of Love and Regeneration associated with the Sun are the real “causative” influences actually at work.


In the outer world as well as in our inner life, disruptive action can play an important part in the tearing down of those forms of expression which no longer serve the Forces of Light.  The fact that we are witnessing this destruction at the present time is an encouraging sign that the destructive process is beginning to unfold at an accelerating pace.   In our lessons we are told that “Dissolution is the Secret of the Great Work”.  This dissolution is a necessary part of the process of bringing forth the “New World Order” in which good will and Brotherhood toward all will be the norm instead of the exception.


Our work as Builders is to avoid using our conscious, creative powers of attention and imagery to dwell on (and thus perpetuate) the disruption and turmoil we are witnessing.  Instead we should devote our mental energy to looking beyond outward appearances (Key 15) and “seeing” (Ayin) these occurrences as the necessary dissolution of outworn patterns.


 In their place we formulate those images and ideas in our meditations which are symbolic, creative patterns for the outworking of Divine Plan of Brotherhood for Mankind.  The exercises and meditations in our personal work, and the healing work we do in our group activities, strengthen those patterns in the collective consciousness which we share with all life.  In the process, the redirection of the formative power of our attention and imagery causes the old negative patterns to gradually lose their power and wither from neglect.


Such is the work of the Magician in his garden! 


May the One Life aid us to see and hold true images of Reality and thus build a better world for all.

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