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March,. 2019


From Paul Foster Case’s Notebook – Printed in Adytum News Notes, March, 1960


  1. L. V. X. stands primarily for Lux, the Latin noun for Light. In the Western School of occultism this word is often written with the capital letters separated by periods, to call attention to the values of the letters in the Roman system of numeration. L indicates 50, V stands for 5, and X is 10. Thus the total value of the word is 65.

This number represents the operation of the power symbolized by 5 as that power is expressed through the agency symbolized by 6. In occultism, 65 sums up the Great Work. It is the numerical sign of the manifestation of the power of the Pentagram (5) through the agency of the Hexagram (6). 

In practical occultism the Pentagram, or five-pointed star, is the sign of the Christos, the spiritual force of the I AM seated in the heart of man.  The Hexagram, or six-pointed star, is a symbol of the cosmic forces surrounding man and constituting his environment.  The Pentagram is the sign of the mind's domination of the forces of nature.  The six-pointed star represents the cosmic forces and laws which make up the whole of the field of activity revolving around the central I AM.

Thus the number 65 expresses the occult Truth that the Christos (5) at the center of the Temple of human personality is actually in control of all natural forces (6).  The indwelling Self is the ruler of the cosmic order. Hence we find that the number 65 is the number of the Hebrew noun ADNI, Adonai, "Lord," a Divine Name which refers particularly to the One Life-Power as ruler of the universe. 

The same number 65 is also the sum of the value of the letters in the Hebrew noun HIKL, Haikal, meaning "Temple" or "Palace."  In the "Book of Formation" we are told that this "Palace of Holiness" is located "in the center" or "in the midst".  In the Biblical Temple symbolism, of which Freemasonry preserves some fragments, the "midst" is called the "Sanctum Sanctorum," or "Holy of Holies."  This room had the dimensions of the perfect cube and is related to the whole series of symbolic ideas expressed by the cube which is shown on the seal of B.O.T.A.  In Solomon's Temple, the Holy of Holies contained the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy-seat on which rested the Shekinah, or Radiant Presence of God.

Because our more esoteric work has a link of connection with these traditions, we use the conclusion, "Fraternally yours in L. V. X." at the end of all our letters.  By these words we acknowledge that all wisdom and power have their source in the One Light, and by them we also testify that the One Light is the One Life.  This One Life, seated in the heart of man, is the True Self, the One Lord, Adonai, enthroned within His Holy Temple.

To the extension of that Light and to the manifestation of its power in the lives of men, our work is dedicated. May the full glory of that Radiance be extended upon you.

Fraternally in L.V.X.,

The Builders of the Adytum




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