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Equinox Message - September, 2016

The Dawning of the New World Order


The current state of the world,as it appears to our outer senses, can easily give one plenty of reasons to feel anxious or  uncertain  about  what the  future  holds  for  us.
Despite  these  unsettling  appearances, our  wise predecessors have left signposts for us that give cause for considerable optimism if we look closely at the present turmoil around us.
Alchemical treatises tell us that “dissolution is the secret of the Great Work.
”In our lessons,we are told that before a situation or condition can be dissolved or broken down into its constituent parts for transmutation, it must first become “crystallized” or brought into sharp focus in our conscious awareness and/or manifested in our outer circumstances.
What we are seeing in the present world condition is the “crystallization” and dissolution of outworn concepts  and  beliefs,  primarily  based on  the  delusion that  we  are  separate  beings having no connection or relationship to the whole.
The organized greed and selfishness that have contributed to the present world condition are based on this fundamental error.
The work we are engaged in as Builders of the Adytum enables us to develop an ever-increasing awareness of our true constitution and purpose as human beings and our intimate connection to the whole.
From this enlightened perspective,we are able to interact with all the situations and conditions in our environment with greater understanding, love,and compassion.
The seed thoughts and images we hold in our consciousness,and in our meditational and ritualistic work,are powerful symbolic statements of truth,which are fundamental to every human being and have a profound impact in the Formative World of Yetzirah where we are all connected.
As these images become ever more prevalent in the collective consciousness that we share with all life, the old, outworn patterns of error are gradually broken up and replaced with those that represent the Oneness of all life and the true brotherhood of man.
As the Old Order is disintegrating before us, the outline of the New World Order,based on the principles of unity and love,is gradually becoming ever clearer in the consciousness of humanity.
These changes are the result of a greater awareness in mankind of these profound truths.
Our beloved founder, Paul Foster Case, wrote, “...the foundation of the work which will complete and perfect the New World Order must be the recognition of the Christos in every human heart.
”Further, he added that the principle of our work can be summed up in the name of Jesus, which signifies“The nature of Reality is to liberate.
”May the One Reality open our hearts and minds to the unity and compassion that will shape the New World Order.


Fraternally in L.V.X.
Builders of the Adytum


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