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Equinox Message – March 2015


Dear Fratres and Sorores of B.O.T.A.,

In order to foster a more conscious link among the members of the Order on all levels, our Prolocutor General is initiating a new custom of sharing an equinox message of inspiration and loving connection to all our B.O.T.A. groups worldwide.


The equinox period is always a time of a very intense influx of spiritual forces that we can utilize to great benefit in both our individual and corporate lives.


Since the time before time; since before our history was written, etched, or chiseled in stone, man recorded in earthen and stone monuments his understanding of his world, physical, social, and spiritual, in locations everywhere on the planet. It seems incredible to us today to see that, without pencil, paper, compass or computer, the intellectual giants of those times could accurately measure the exact moment of solar balance on our planet. Even more astounding is how well the spiritual giants among them understood the influence of the heavenly bodies whirling in the constellations above, which they also named and organized into a zodiacal system.Now in the 21st century, we are humbled to walk in their tracks, and yet we are spurred to continue to reach higher and further into the mysteries they saw in the skies above in relation to the planet below.At this equinox, as the sun enters the sign of Aries, let us recall a few of the important concepts of this moment that relate to our interior lives. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and initiative, Aries is also the sign of the Sun’s exaltation in the zodiac, meaning the place of its highest expression. The solar year of the zodiac begins appropriately with the sign where the exciting, reproductive power is blended with the fertile force of the Sun, our brightest luminary.


The 15th Path of the Emperor originates in Beauty/Tiphareth, and ends in Wisdom/Chokmah. The indication is that the Constituting Intelligence emerges from the heart, the One Ego, seat of the King, the true image of ourselves as ONE with all humanity. The Son is connected to the Father by this path.When based on the principles of enlightened Order and Reason, Beauty becomes reality in our lives. The constitution of our thoughts and actions must naturally become inclusive of all humanity, and therefore, how could our actions be other than constructive and helpful within our realm of influence? Thus well rooted, the expression of our Emperor becomes a strong and benevolent ruler in our lives.


The world at present needs the commanding strength of enlightened vision. It will not be governments, nor armies, nor commerce that changes in the world. Rather it will be us, individually and in groups, who will make this change by holding to the principles of truth in our imagery, and applying them to form new patterns in their lives. It will be those of us who can see and hold a clear vision of a beautiful world who will change our world… from the inside out.


Meditating on Key 4 (Aries) with Keys 16 and 19 (Mars and Sun respectively), and following the thread of association they suggest, we can learn to wisely and consciously apply these forces most effectively using the balanced energies at the equinox period. Ponder its message and it will reveal how to start a new cycle of life, whether individual, corporate, or planetary, all of which are inextricably linked.


May our actions be guided by the Reason and Logic of the Son, the King, the Ego seated in the hearts of us all; and may it bring a new day to humanity and establish a new pattern of Brotherhood in our world.


As we travel this Path of Return together, may the blessings of L.V.X., Light, be extended upon you.


Builders of the Adytum

B.O.T.A. 19 Av Italie, 75013 PARIS, FRANCE