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Equinox message March 2024

Builders of the Adytum
Equinox Message
Universal Brotherhood
March 2024


At its essence, spiritual unfoldment is a process of re-identification. Through the work of self-transmutation, charted for us in the Ageless Wisdom teachings, we come to see that our personalities (our thinking, feeling, habitual, and physical natures) are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We learn that the whole Self is much more than just these temporary and limited forms, as amazing as they are. Increasingly, we find our home in deeper identity with the One – the infinite and eternal Life Power - which expresses itself as everything: every individual, condition, and event.
This process frees us – link by link - from the chains of inherited misconceptions and outworn structures. Liberated from perceiving surface appearances only, we are opened to the brilliant all-pervasive beauty that abides everywhere. This is an essential and profoundly practical aspect of our work, not just for the benefit of ourselves, but for all of humanity… the whole world.
We are all expressions of (and instruments for) the Primal Will to Good. We each seek to do “good,” as we conceive it… and there is the challenge.
When our sense of self is small, we see things solely from our own limited perspective, not the greater reality. We fail to see our Self in others. Accordingly, our narrow structures of thought and behavior often lead to the rationalization of horrific acts of cruelty, executed in the name of “good.”
But, as we progress on our journey of self-transmutation, we become ever more transparent to Truth and the One Will at work in and through us. Our sense of self deepens and expands. The boundaries of relative identifications (national, cultural, etc.) become less binding and absolute. Eventually, centered within the Adytum of our being, all distinctions of separation dissolve into perfect unity. At one with this vast Self, we are pervaded by its all-embracing love and allow that love to guide all our thoughts, words, and deeds. We become clear vessels for its universal and unconditional outpouring.
This is not always as easy or as abstract as it sounds. Life will challenge us. Many people we encounter remain shackled by their finite sense of self. Some even suffer from the delusion that their personalities are superior to those of others. More than a few actively labor for greater division, hostility, and violence. Yet, from the vantage point of the Hermit, we are all in need of greater Light, no matter how high up the mountain we may or may not be – including these troubled and possibly troublesome souls.
So, how may we serve in the extension of that Light and the establishment of the Universal Brotherhood of humanity, the reign of harmony on Earth? There are many ways. But we must begin with our work of re-identification and self-transmutation, so that the light of the whole Self may shine through us… so that our good may be Good in truth. “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”
We can also imagine (with the freedom and lightness of a child) what that future will be like. How will it feel to meet people and be spontaneously filled with love for them, to be delighted by their unique and diverse characteristics (Ann Davies did both so beautifully)? What will it be like to feel safe and supported everywhere we go? What amazing transformations can be accomplished when our time, energy, and resources are freed from fearful defense and seeking advantage over others?
We have an opportunity – here and now – to begin manifesting that world, to do our best to be the sort of person who would be perfectly at home in that Universal Brotherhood. May it come quickly and soon.
In L.V.X.,
Builders of the Adytum


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